Mr. No Admission (VBP Very Broke Person, not VIP)

So, I’m on Year 1 of being “Sexy & Single” and trying to embrace it; going on as many  dates as I can, and talking to different men. One of my good friends advised me that it’s good to “talk to different guys”, because it “makes you witty”. Dating aside, I’m a pretty witty chick. I am quite verbose and very sarcastic; a sh*t talker, of sorts. Hell, if I got paid for my mouth, I probably wouldn’t have to work as much! Speaking of talking, I talk a lot, in my business and I deal with people often. I am a confidante, a “Keeper of Secrets”, if you will. I’m also a friend, and with that comes perks, and I love me some perks, baby! One of my clients, who was a bartender, always hooked me up at the lounge she worked at. I liked to frequent the lounge, “bar chat” a little bit and also mingle.

Most of the time, when I was approached, I didn’t have mutual interest in the men there. My client always introduced me to people also. There was one guy in particular, a promoter is his twenties, “Cedrick” or “CK”, that I thought was was “kinda cute”. I say “kinda” because unlike most women, I’m usually not attracted to extremely tall men, however he had what I like to call that “10:30pm black” skin and a low fade. (By the way, I have a chronic addiction to dark skinned men; it is not life threatening, so please do not recommend a cure, thank you! ) Dark skin, low haircut; 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…;-) Anyway “CK” seemed really interested in me and eager to take me out.  I told him we could go to this Art Walk event the following week. He said he wanted to see me sooner. It was a Saturday night and I already had Sunday night plans, by myself. I suggested we go together to this ahhh, er, ummm, Erotic Poetry event, and he agreed to go. I’m joking around for blogging purposes, but I seriously suggested this to him. Some people think that might be a little bit too much for a first date, but I don’t. Going to an erotic themed event does not automatically mean that “erotic activities” are going to go down and I don’t need to go to an erotic themed event to be motivated.

Well it looks like we had a plan. We were going to the Erotic Poetry event on Sunday and the Art Walk on Wednesday, and who knows where else after that… Sunday morning we chatted and he wanted to use his “promoter super powers” (yes I just coined that term lol) before we went out. He wanted to arrive early, so that he could network, and perhaps get us in for free (with his “promoter super powers”, bwahahaha). I’m very business minded myself, however I could care less about whether or not he could get us in for free, and I wasn’t trying to throw shade on his hustle, I just wanted to go to the event.Fast forward to the event…I arrived well before he did. I waited on him an hour, while sitting with a couple I knew, chatting and being a nice little “Third Wheel”. “CK” finally texted me and I went outside to meet up. He had a very puzzled look on his face and said he was looking for someone. Mind you, I had already paid my admission, no problem and I wasn’t going to wait around for him to find this “mythical person”. I told him that I would be sitting, on the couch by the stage… and he can come join me when he finds who he’s looking for…30 more minutes passed by and I texted him “Hey where are you?”. He replied “I’m home now, but I will see you at the Art Walk Wednesday”. Say what?? Let me get this straight, you left me high and dry and you didn’t tell me that you were gone AND I had to find out through a text? Ummmm, no the hell you will not be seeing me on Wednesday!!

By the way, I had a great time at the Erotic Poetry Event. I got “mad love” and compliments galore from both men and women that night because I had my (*Kanye Voice*) swagga on 100 Thousand Trillion (at the time the word “swag” was still cool to use, so don’t judge me! lol). I was looking and feeling Grrrreat, so “CK” was not even on my radar anymore!

Needless to say, days later, he continued to call me and I refused to answer his calls nor respond to his texts. I returned to the lounge Saturday for a Comedy Show. He spoke and asked “What happened to you?” I was like “Oh nothing, I’m good” and I paid my own entry, AGAIN. This ol’ magical promoter didn’t even offer to “pay” my admission, to make up for that stunt he pulled.. I found out later that he and the promoter he rode with got into an argument, so they left together. That’s right, this fool rode to the Poetry Event, in the work van, with another promoter…smdh. Oh, I thought WE were supposed to be on a DATE…That’s what I get for thinking! My Bad!!! Ohhh and I almost forgot, another little tidbit, (he didn’t go to the Poetry Event because…”Dun-Da-Da-Dun”… He did not have the money for admission and he could not find someone to let him in for FREE. Basically “CK” paying for his own entry/cover, anywhere, is Mr. SuperPromoter’s Kryptonite. So instead of getting the VIP treatment I received the VBP (Very Broke Person) treatment! Oh well, I guess Fergie’s Daddy said it best; “If you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home”. Ahhh, the perils of being a janky ass promoter…*False Sigh* 😉



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