Bollywood Vino Flow…#OhNo!

Hello Peeps.  As you know, “Randy” has been on a self-inflicted hiatus…For the most part, mainly from involvement in Ratchet Activities or just plain old Tomfoolery…

So far, so good!!! And of course I have to celebrate!

It was a Friday night and I went out, solo, to my favorite Wine/Tapas Bar. What better way to unwind after work, for the night, right? I had a rough day and I just wanted to have a glass of vino and relax.

I sat the bar for a little while and unlike a “usual” night; it took awhile before any one came over to introduce themselves. A few stools down there was a Indian guy, sitting by himself. He looked as though he was headed moreso for the sports bar, than a nice wine and tapas joint.

He didn’t say anything to me at all at first… Until, in walks his “friend slash coworker”, who immediately seemed to be a “natural” social butterfly, walks up to me, introduces himself  [Rudra-Hindi for “Remover of pain”] and his friend. Not only was  he charming, he was very effin’ attractive!!! I was suprised at my attraction to him because normally I’m attracted to dark skin and/or black men. He was definitely a man of color; he was from India. He had a slight Indian accent and he was very “Americanized”. He said he lived in Detroit when he first moved to the U.S. That was very apparent because certain things that he said seemed, uhhh, “urban” [black] but in a “proper” way. He was 5 years older, somewhat grey, a shitload lot of fun and very conversational; I enjoyed his company. I also found him “Finer than a MF”.. I wanted to know more about him and see more of him…

Now his friend, on the other hand, even though he said he had been drinking since 4 p.m. (8 hours),  seemed uptight and “on edge” . He kept criticizing the uniforms of the bar staff and other things. I found him quite annoying actually, yet I remained cordial, because he was friends with the one that I had interest in….The funny thing about him is that he seemed like he was developing an interest in me…and I was, uhhhh NOT….but he definitely made sure my vino stayed topped off, and I loved that. He started talking shit about someone who was parked in  a Honda, in VIP Valet, then the starts ragging about “Some asshole on the Porshe Boxter”…Turns out it was Rudra’s whip, and he was low-key about it, which I found this quality in him, Very Sexy…

So after an hour of hanging out, Rudra wanted the three of us, plus “a friend of mine” to hang out, at the beach. My go-to homegirl was on a date, and his friend Kashtkar [Hindi for Annoying], had stormed off in a drunken daze, so we decided to go, to an exclusive beach, on our own. He drove me to my car, and I followed him.. 

Since I don’t know this mofo, I didn’t ride with him as he requested…After about 20 mins, we arrived at the beach. We took full advantage of the amazing amount of moonlight available that night.  We walked on the beach for a while; talking, laughing, gazing.  AND YES, I definitely wanted to give him the business, but I didn’t.  I remained a fuckin’ lady! We did kiss, often. I found his his kisses to be soft, sensual and sweet. I held back my tongue,  hell, we both held back…for whatever reason. He had me both physically and mentally turned on and #turnedup.  I think we held back to keep it “sweet’. He invited me to the ocean.  I obliged.  We walked in shallow waters, and he led me deeper. I didnt want to go, yet I felt safe in his presence.  The waves were starting to crash and I wanted to come in closer to shore,  he calmed my nervousness…and then…. a big ass
wave came, thew me off balance,and he fell and went underwater. I lost my favorite pair of flipflops just that fast!. Shit! Rudra wanted to go in and get them for me. I asked him not to because it was too dark and unsafe. I actually cared about him. I was feeling him and I didn’t want him to accidently drown over a pair of dayum Nike Sofsoles. I ain’t shallow! Shit!!!

We laughed it all off and walked back to our cars. We kissed a little bit more and talked a bit. Since he lived a little closer to the beach than I, so he invited me to his place to shower, and perhaps spend the night. It was after 4am. I wanted to but I didn’t want to spoil the moment.  I’m very aware that he knows his Porshe is an Instant Pussy magnet, but for me , it takes more than that.  I have higher standards now and I don’t just smash,  even when I know I can. I demand/want more.

Sidebar: I was told by one of my “advisors” that if I wanted to be a hoe, I should be very particular about where I choose the men from; I.E. don’t just choose someone at a club/bar, choose someone from say, like a library, or bookstore, etc…By the way, I’m not an Aspiring Hoe. Liberation does not make you a hoe. And I visit bookstores and libraries often, to read/buy the books, not to prowl for men…SMH

He wanted to spend Saturday AND Sunday with me, but that night, I wouldn’t make solid plans. He felt that “I wouldn’t let him have my weekend”. I will admit, he did pique my curiosity, but I chose to play the BS game, that I was taught to play “to get the man you want, you can’t be too readily available”. I waited and I called him Monday, around noon and left a message.  I don’t know what happened,  maybe the “moment” had passed,  maybe I should’ve kept true to my feelings (I really wanted to see him more & sooner. I don’t know….I won’t force it,  but I would absolutelty love to see him again. We shall see…Time will tell…Yep, I’d definitely “curry” that MF… And see what that Tantric be like… 😉 Yesssss! SMH.



“Wine Mess”, not Fest

Here we go again…I’m still on Year 1 of the infamous “2 Year Dating Hell” Phase. It seems to me that many of my interactions/dates have went on during the first year. I’d say the best thing about .my misfortune is that it fuels my writing so that I can share with others for their entertainment. Consider these stories the “Rainbow after the rain storm”….Enjoy!

Ahh, yes…back to where we left off… I must warn you, this story is not has humorous as the others, so bear with me. Since I started writing it, I have to finish it… I’m not a quitter!! 🙂

I was attending a Wine Festival, for the second time with a good friend. We enjoyed the libations and chatted with quite a few people. There was an older vendor, Brad Cramden, whom we chatted with the longest. He said that he was headed out to meet some friends for dinner, and invited us to meet up afterwards. We exchanged numbers. My friend was ready to go home and I wasn’t. We parted ways and I headed out to a nearby bar, by myself.

Brad met me at the bar, after his quick dinner. We conversed for a little while and agreed to go elsewhere. He took care of the check, and we left. He definitely was not my type, physically, but he was entertaining and nice.

We went to a cigar bar lounge and had more wine. He wanted to hold my hand and kept saying  “See see how good our hands fit together”. What??? Really? Somehow we got on the subject of children and he told me about his daughter, who happened to be just a few years younger than me. Yes, that’s one hell of an age difference between us,  but for some reason I agree to go on a date with him the next day.

We met up at this restaurant at the beach. It had a nice laid back, tiki bar sort of vibe to it. I had no wine that day and I had very little appetite. The whole time I was thinking “What the hell am I doing? This man has a daughter that’s close to my age!” He could see that I was sick, but I also started to feel very awkward. He said, “What’s the matter, too much wine last night?” At this point even his voice was becoming irritating; He sounded a lot like a “cartoonish mobster”. I shrugged it off and said “No I think it must have been something I ate”. I just couldn’t “get into it”.  He was not as engaging and he seemed to be more concerned about the football game, constantly referring to plays and stats, like I gave a shit. He was from Chicago and a huge Bears fan. The date was on a Sunday and I think he secretly wanted to go to to that restaurant for the huge TVs and small crowd…to watch the “dayum” game!

After the game, we ended our night, quickly “Church Hugged”, and went our separate ways. I text him to let him know I got home safely. We never spoke again. If I ever see him again, I’ll casually speak, and hope he doesn’t remember me. Oh well so much for being open minded and trying something different… I’m wondering if “date sampling” will ever be just as good “wine sampling”. One can only hope…Here’s to “New Adventures”… I’ll drink to that!

Cheers & Salud!