And that’s why YO Ass is single…

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You gotta start somewhere…

Randall, “You gotta start SOMEWHERE”, that’s what I keep hearing. Let’s start with today….

Soooo, I decided to take up a little hobby; Dancing. Although I love music, people that actually know me, know that I rarely dance, at least not in public… šŸ˜‰ I decided to do so because I love seeing couples formal dance together and I would like to do the same….especially once I get a man! You’ll notice I don’t do things to “get” a man, but I kind of sort of like to include one in my activities; One of my many quirks…I’m a big “Corn Ball” and a hopeless romantic! I love love and implied love…which is something I really see with couples dancing.

“Anyhoo”, I started the Salsa class one day (fun but not much to talk about) and then I wound up doing the Argentine Tango and Cha-Cha on another day. I enjoyed seeing the variety of people, and analyzing them, based on their backgrounds and skill sets. Some can really dance their asses off, yet none of the others seem like me. I am like a butterfly, hold me too tight, I’ll break; hold me too loosely, I’ll fly away. And with dance I’m just about as self critical, and very controlling as I am with dating: Thinking too much about perfection, instead of just being “natural”; always moving ahead of the man, my partner and not allowing him to fully lead. Damn, dancing is a lot like life; some people are very easy going and they just glide & go with the flow; others are a lot harder to conform, especially when there’s structure and rules involved.

Side Note: a male friend of mine told me that I am very “curt and short” with people. He said I’m “friendly” but I won’t let someone completely get into my world…He joked that I would be the type to have sex, have an orgasm before the man and then say “It’s okay, we can try again tomorrow, gotta go, bye!”…Lmaooooo, I do NOT think I am like that!

Day two we started off with a slow dance, the Argentine Tango. That dance requires a lot of waiting and feeling the movement of the man/lead. You know OBVIOUSLY I didn’t do that well with that one (with my controlling ass lol). I kept wanting to jump ahead and not really be “led”.Ā  Although it took me dancing with the Tango instructor to get the solo pivot part, that seemed to be where I excelled better. I hope this is not a sign…*Deep Sigh*

Also, I noticed something when we constantly changed partners duringĀ the Cha Cha. I danced with some really good dancers, both men and women. Although some of the people I “met” for the first time, I could tell who was really confident, who was shy, who was controlling and also attractions. Confidence is very sexy to me, and I felt a lot more comfortable with the “confident only” men versus the “controlling confident” types. Some were shy, some fun, some wanted me to focus on the steps, and they didn’t turn/spin me as much, some seemed as eager as a kid waiting to open their Christmas presents when they got to me.

There were a few nice looking guys, one in particular, the Cha Cha instructor, who looks just like an ex of mine. Every time we danced, I tried everything in my power to not look at him in “that way”. I’d look over at him and it seemed as though he was “looking back”. (PS I’m already thinking ahead…Wouldn’t it be cool if I dated a dance instructor? Hmmm…) He made a point to introduce himself after class and offered a chance for us to practice together 5 minutes before my next class with him. Maybe he’s just being friendly/helpful, maybe he has “The Hots” for me….Either way, it doesn’t matter. What do you think I’m gonna do?? I’m going to show up early to the next Cha Cha class, with a smile…AND, I already have my heels picked out…;-)