Things ARE bigger in Texas (First Online Writing Submission)

Good evening!

I’m enjoying writing and blogging much more than I expected. I did an online submission tonight, where I had to write an article using Peterbilt Trucks as the subject, and of course you know it has “Randy’s Touch”. I hope you enjoy it!


One day, while driving down to Miami for a party, I experienced car trouble. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Roadside Assistance, so I stood outside my 97′ Mustang, hoping someone would come over to “rescue me”. It wasn’t long before man driving a Peterbilt Truck, pulled over to help. He seemed very knowledgeable about Mustangs, of all things. We even discussed what color I should paint my Mustang; I considered a deep, burgundy red, he preferred the “standard factory red”. His energy was so comforting, that I almost forgot about the issue at hand: fixing the damn car! We laughed about our differences in opinion and addressed the car problem. He said “There’s two theories to arguin’ with a woman. Neither one works.” I laughed and agreed. I explained that I was having trouble steering. Turns out my belt needed to be tightened. He was able to quickly work under the hood and fix the belt. His charm was absolutely infectious. He was quite the character: Tall, handsome, very “Southern” and funny.

We chatted for quite a while. He said he was from Texas. I gazed up at his tall, statuesque physique, and for a moment, I thought, “Wow, they DO, make things bigger in Texas, I see”. I said, “You better get going before I make you late and get you in trouble with the boss”. He said, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, sweetheart, my great grandaddy was Mr. T.A. Peterman, so they don’t bother me that much. I drive, because I like it, not because I have to”. He gave me a light kiss on the hand, tipped his hat and bid me adieu. I thought, “Well knock me over with a feather!”

I took his number and we parted ways. I look forward speaking with him again. You know what they say, “Peterbilt’s red oval is a familiar symbol of quality, performance, reliability and pride.” And honey, from the looks of it, they weren’t lying!


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